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Career & Personal Development

The Institute has three major programmes – Professional Post Graduate Diploma and Higher Professional Diploma in Public Health Management and Healthcare Management respectively and also membership of the Institute. These programmes cost averagely N150,000.
The Institute is registered in Nigeria under guarantee after due approval by the office of Attorney General of the Federation and the Federal Ministry of Education in 2011. Any certification issued by the Institute is highly recognized in the working and academic environment.
It depends on the programme, the Post Graduate Diploma is 1 academic year while the Higher Professional Diploma is 2 academic years
No, we have 3 contact points for physical inquiries – Abuja, Lagos, and Ibadan. Though, you can run our programmes from anywhere in Nigeria.
We stir up the spirit of creating job-related to healthcare in the minds of our participants. So we have a job for managers in the healthcare setting who are ready to create one.

Healthcare Management

In most cases, employers are looking for managers at all levels of healthcare management who have some peculiar characteristics required to have a successful healthcare delivery anywhere, anytime. The requirements are: • Proper academic training and work experience • Teamwork spirit • Flexibility and adaptability • Excellent Communication • Dependability • Good moral compass • Good professional judgment/proficiencies • Strong and leadership characters • Strong sense of delegation • Business acumen • General management skills
We have in the hospitals, clinics and other related health facilities all over the country
Institute of Healthcare Management, Nigeria is the only Professional Body registered and recognized by law to regulate the practice of healthcare management in Nigeria. The Institute is open to affiliation and collaboration from institutions, corporate bodies, individuals and government. Please contact us through our email:

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