Regular Professional Courses

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health Management (PGDipPHM)


To enhance the capacity of the public health managerial workforce through the conduct and delivery of a specially designed postgraduate diploma course in Public Health Management.


Applicants should have a graduate/postgraduate degree in medicine, AHCM, dental, nursing, pharmacy, health sciences, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, natural/life sciences, management, social sciences, social work, economics, statistics or any equivalent qualification.

Candidates with work experience in health/ development sector will be given preference.



First Semester

PGPH601; Human Resource Management                                                3Credits

PGPH602; Health Communication and Promotion                                  3Credits

PGPH603; Financial Management                                                               3Credits

PGPH604; Public Health Nutrition                                                              3Credits

PGPH605; Logistic Planning, Distribution/ Inventory Management    3Credits

PGPH606; Project Management                                                                   3Credits

PGPH607; Communicable Diseases                                                            3Credits

PGPH608; Research Methods and Operations Research                       3Credits

PGPH609; Environmental and Occupational Health                              3Credits

Second Semester

PGPH610; Health Systems and Health Sector Reforms                          3Credits

PGPH611; Health Management Information Systems                             3Credits

PGPH612; Quality, Equity and Access to Health Care                             3Credits

PGPH613; Organizational Behaviour                                                          3Credits

PGPH614; Urban Health Issues                                                                    3Credits

PGPH615; Non-Communicable Diseases                                                   3Credits

PGPH616; Health Policy and Health Care Planning                                 3Credits

PGPH617; Student Seminar                                                                          3Credits

PGPH618; Research Project                                                                          6Credits


  • Program planning and management
  • Project development and management, monitoring and evaluation
  • Good understanding of national health programmes and guidelines
  • Health Policy and Environment Analysis at District, State, and National Levels
  • Practical knowledge of conducting primary quantitative and qualitative research

including tool development and data collection, data management etc.

  • Data analysis using statistical packages and report writing
  • Adequate managerial skills including Human Resource Management, Financial
  • Management and Logistics and Drug distribution



The Healthcare Management Program is a training programme designed to prepare individuals in the healthcare field to become more effective managers and supervisors. Students will increase their overall understanding of management issues and concepts so they can make well-informed decisions. Understand the rudiments of managing a multi-disciplinary professional environment. Plan and implement the overall organizational objectives. The program allows students to receive management training while maintaining full-time work schedules and also apply their studies to their daily work challenges.

Objectives of the Programme

Programme objectives include the following:

  • To encourage effective healthcare management and delivery
  • To acquaint the participants with current managerial trends in managing the healthcare system
  • To expose participants to basic managerial skills in healthcare management
  • To inculcate effective leadership skills required in managing a multidisciplinary profession
  • To introduce the participant to financial principles and accounting needs of a healthcare setting.
  • To equip participants with the skills to build and maintain an effective team for the result and ;
  • To prepare participants for membership of the Institute of Healthcare Management

Course Content

The Healthcare Management Programme modules cover:

  • HCM 601 Health Personnel Management                                      3 Credits
  • HCM 602 Marketing and Public Relations for Health                 3 Credits
  • HCM 603 Communication for Professionals                                 3 Credits
  • HCM 604 Management and Leadership                                         3 Credits
  • HCM 505 Healthcare Financing and  Insurance                           3 Credits
  • HCM 606 Healthcare Facility Management                                   3 Credits
  • HCM 607 Research Methods for Health                                         3 Credits
  • HCM 608 Seminar Presentation                                                      3 Credits
  • HCM 609 Training and Manpower Development                        3 Credits
  • HCM 610 Monitoring and Evaluation                                             3 Credits
  • HCM 611 Managing Meetings                                                           3 Credits
  • HCM 612 Grant and Proposal Writing                                            3 Credits
  • HCM 613 Health Information System Management                   3 Credits
  • HCM 614 Comparative Healthcare Management                        3 Credits
  • HCM 615 Health Planning                                                                3 Credits
  • HCM 616 Research Project                                                               6 Credits
  • HCM 616 Practicum                                                                           6 Credits

Admission Requirements

  • HND/ Bachelor degrees
  • Registered Healthcare Professionals
  •  Managers and Administrators in healthcare settings

Course Duration

9 Months

Mode of Study

Tutorial and Open Distance Educational Learning


3. Higher Professional Diploma in Public Health Management(HPDipPHM)


To enhance the capacity of intermediate healthcare practitioners and prepare them to provide public health intervention management and increase the workforce. It will also provide them with the right skills and knowledge to participate effectively in public health team and more so, prepare them for higher studies in postgraduate Public Health Management course.


Applicants should have a recognized diploma or professional certificate in any health discipline or a first degree in non-health discipline equivalent qualification. Candidates with work experience in health/ development sector will be given preference.

First Semester

HPH321; Introduction to Public Health                                                  3Credits

HPH322; Principle of Health Planning                                                   3Credits

HPH323; Health Demography                                                                  3Credits

HPH324; Epidemiology                                                                              3Credits

HPH325; Communication Practice                                                          3Credits

HPH326; Principles and Practice of Management                                3Credits

HPH327; Field Trip and Reporting 1                                                       3Credits

HPH328; Research Method                                                                       3Credits

Second Semester

HPH329; Disease Surveillance and Intelligence                                    3Credits

HPH330; Introduction to Biostatistics                                                    3Credits

HPH331; Inter-Professional Relations                                                     3Credits

HPH332; Programme Planning and Design                                            3Credits

HPH333; Introduction to Personnel Management                                3Credits

HPH334; Field Trip and Report 2                                                              3Credits

HPH335; Introduction to Health Statistics                                              3Credits

Third Semester

HPH401; Health Education and Advocacy                                                 3Credits

HPH402; HPH021; Community Health Campaign                                  3Credits

HPH403; Healthcare Delivery System                                                        3Credits

HPH404; Report Writing and Presentation                                               3Credits

HPH405; Essential of Health Economics                                                   3Credits

HPH406; Field Trip and Report 3                                                                3Credits

HPH407; Quantitative Technique in Public Health                                 3Credits

Fourth Semester

HPH408; Overview of National Health Insurance                                   3Credits

HPH409; Public Health Professionals                                                        3Credits

HPH410; Maternal and Reproductive Health                                            3Credits

HPH411; Primary Healthcare System                                                          3Credits

HPH412; Research Project                                                                             6Credits

HPH413; Practicum                                                                                         6Credits

Course Duration

18 Months

Mode of Study

Tutorial and Open Distance Educational Learning